The Wondrous Message of Christmas Tree


lukisan Albert Chevallier Tayler, The Christmas Tree, 1911


The great light will shine on the people who walked in darkness and  on the people who dwell in the land of the shadow of the death

(Isaiah 9: 1-6)


One of the beauties of Christmas is the presence of a Christmas tree. It is put in every place in order to feel the presence of the greatest glee of Christmas. When Christmas is coming soon, people are busy preparing it. One of the efforts to prepare is to deck it richly with many splendid kinds of stuff, for example, gifts, jingle bells, candles, toys, and at the top there is always a shining star. So, having been decked, the Christmas tree from base to summit is joyful, bright, and full of splendor for the sight. It always embellishes the beauty of Christmas, its green color, and its ornament fuses with the white holiness of Christmas; moreover, its green leaves are so unchanging because it is not only green in summer but also in cold and drear. The Christmas tree and its decoration are full of meaning and ask us to reflect on the mystery of Christmas. Now let us know the beauty of the Christmas tree under the divine’s frame.

At the top of the Christmas tree is always hung a signing star lucidly. It refers to the Isaiah prophecy: the great light will shine on the people who walked in darkness and on the people who dwell in the land of the shadow of death. This great light is the nativity of the child  Jesus. Why this child is called the great light? This child – as prophesied by Isaiah is mentioned as Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, and the Prince of Peace. He will bring a wonderful life for all nations because he will break the yoke that weights nations and the staff on the shoulder of the nations. He is the prince of peace because every battle of the warrior is with confused noise and the garments rolled in blood shall be with burning and fuel of fire. He is the Mighty God because he is the Son of God. The nativity of Jesus is the great light star that shines from the Christmas tree. So, when we look at the shining star of the Christmas tree, how happy we are because the great light has come to us.

The Christmas tree is also decorated with the lighting candles warmly. They refer to the deep meaning of Christmas. As we know, Christmas is not to buy stuff in mal or to have a party with delicious food. What is Christmas? By the nativity of Jesus, Christmas is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, and hope for the future because the child Jesus is a great light that shines in our life. This great light changes everything that happens in life into sweetness, beauty, and joy. Then, Christmas is a fervent wish that every cup of life may overflow with blessings rich and love and that every path of life may lead to peace and love because the child  Jesus is the prince of peace and love. The lighting candles of the Christmas tree show the warmth of peace and of the love of Christmas which overflows to life. They warm the love and peace we have in our hearts, in our life, and in our prayers.

The gifts put under the Christmas tree also carve a deep meaning. Christmas is a gift for everyone. The nativity of Jesus means that God gives his only son to us. It is a great gift for us. Because we have received the best gift of Christmas, then Christmas teaches us how to be generous to our fellow. The exchange gift of Christmas is not just an exchange but it is a path to how to be generous to others, and how to give. And the best gift that we can offer to the child  Jesus is faith, love, and hope.

So, through the Christmas tree, we can say that Christmas is a day of love; a day in which we think of everything we have ever loved because love -love all lovely- came down and was born at Christmas in the child of Jesus. Star and skies of Bethlehem which stared the nativity of child Jesus always tell and narrate to all the night and to all the ages the love incarnated for all loves in heaven and earth. How lovely the Christmas tree, how splendid the Christmas tree, the tree most fair and lovely. The Christmas tree asks us to celebrate Christmas with faith, ebullience that derives from the heart because he who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a Christmas tree.

Every time we put a Christmas tree we should remember the wondrous messages of the Christmas tree. It is not just a tree for the decoration for Christmas but it is a tree that bid us be true, faithful, and trust in God unchangingly. If we remember, know, and do what the Christmas tree does, then we become the living Christmas tree that spreads the sparkle of Christmas. And like a Christmas tree whose leaves are so verdant through all the seasons, we embellish Christmas with verdant faith, the sparkle of love, and bright hope. Then good will to men and peace on earth because the child Jesus is born in every heart that has faith, love, and hope.


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